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Our human population is growing like never before. We are now adding one billion people to the planet every 12 years. That’s about 250,000 every day. The United States itself may add 100 million people in just the next 40 years.

Population growth affects most environmental and social problems, from life-threatening issues of hunger, war, species extinction and water shortages, to quality-of-life issues like traffic and overcrowding.

The ways to stabilize population are straightforward – education, job opportunities, access to contraception, and environmental awareness will help people everywhere determine the best population size for their region and for the world.

This site, and this Institution are dedicated to raising awareness about how today’s problems are tied to the growing world population. In fact, it’s hard to think of a single world problem which will be solved more easily by adding another 2.4 billion people to our population within 38 years or perhaps 12 billion within the lives of today’s children.

The biggest fallacy that has crept into our thinking about these problems is that we can do nothing about population growth except accommodate it. Whether by consuming less, living more efficiently, building more sprawling suburbs, or packing people into highrise cities, most discussions just focus on which form of accommodation is better.

But let’s ask whether we simply want to accommodate the so-called “inexorable” force of population growth, or whether our efforts could be better spent taking on the many possible ways of managing our own species’ numbers, and caring for the resources of our beautiful planet.

To understand why so few people are talking about this, read about the religious, racial and economic fears we face at the Great Taboo.

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